Backtrack 5

The development team have taken huge conceptual leaps with BackTrack 4, and have some new and exciting features. The most significant of these changes, Backtrack is now based on Debian core packages and utilizing the Ubuntu software repositories.

Some new improvements and changes:

* Kernel with better hardware support.
* Native support for Pico e12 and e16 cards is now fully functional, making BackTrack the first pentesting distro to fully utilize these awesome tiny machines
* Support for PXE Boot - Boot BackTrack over the network with PXE supported cards
* SAINT EXPLOIT - kindly provided by SAINT corporation for our users with a limited number of free IPs.
* MALTEGO - The guys over at Paterva did outstanding work with Maltego 2.0.2 - which is featured in BackTrack as a community edition.
* The latest mac80211 wireless injection pacthes are applied, with several custom patches for rtl8187 injection speed enhancements. Wireless injection support has never been so broad and functional
* Unicornscan - Fully functional with postgress logging support and a web front end
* RFID support
* Pyrit CUDA support
* New and updated tools

The distribution features a slick GUI interface as well as various categories of security testing tools.

With the Backtrack 4 tools, you can run a whole slew of security tests against Windows (and other) systems. Start by running ping sweeps to find live hosts and then perform system enumeration to see what Windows services are available to prying eyes. You can then perform operating system vulnerability scanning and even exploit certain vulnerabilities for the ultimate in penetration testing. If you're running IIS and SQL Server, use Backtrack 4 to hone in on Web and database vulnerabilities.

There are a ton of tools for testing the security of both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. There are plenty of data analysis and forensics tools included as well. It even has several built-in services such as an HTTP server, a VNC server, a TFTP server and even the SNORT IDS -- all of which come in handy when testing for security vulnerabilities on your network.

BackTrack consists of more than 300 different tools which are logically structured according to the work flow of security professionals. This structure allows even newcomers to find the related tools to a certain task to be accomplished.
No other commercial or freely available analysis platform offers an equivalent level of usability with automatic configuration and focus on penetration testing.

BackTrack's functionality further increases with the arrangement of each tool in categories.

Backtrack 5 ada 1 DVD harga 15.000
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Fedora 15

Fedora comes with a fairly standard supply of software, including Firefox 4, the Transmission BitTorrent client, the Empathy instant messaging program, and Evolution for e-mail. There's a document viewer, Shotwell for dealing with image files, a CD ripper, disc burner and Cheese, the webcam tool. We're provided with a few games, the Rhythmbox music player and a movie player. We're given the handy backup tool Déjà Dup, and the Orca screen reader. Fedora has a good supply of administration tools and there are applications included to manage user accounts, set up the firewall, configure network connections and trouble-shoot SELinux. I didn't run into any SELinux problems, so I can't comment on how well the trouble-shooter works, but the rest of the system configuration tools functioned smoothly and I found them straightforward to use. Though the distro comes with multimedia programs, codecs for playing popular video formats and MP3 files were not included, nor were Flash, Java or the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC). Underneath it all we find the Linux kernel, version 2.6.38.

Fedora 15 ada 1 DVD harga Rp. 15.000

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Sabily 10.04

Didalamnya sudah termasuk aplikasi-aplikasi sbb:
- Aplikasi Edukasi untuk anak-anak dan keluarga
- Aplikasi Grafis untuk menggambar dan mengedit gambar/photo
- Aplikasi Internet seperti web browser dan email client
- Aplikasi Islamic Tools software untuk belajar dan mengajar Al-Quran dan bahasa Arab.
- Aplikasi Office / Perkantoran spt Word dan Spreadsheet.
- Aplikasi Sains dan ilmu pengetahuan
- Aplikasi Multimedia spt MP3/Video Player
+ Kamus bahasa Arab
+ Othman Qur'an browser
+ Noor
+ Zekr - Quran digital
+ Thawwab
+ Tanggalan Hijriah
+ Minbar prayer Times - Penanda waktu sholat
+ Monajat - Notifikasi ajakan bermunajat pada Allah SWT
+ Wallpaper islami
+ Screen saver islami

Sabily 10.04 ada 1 DVD harga Rp. 15.000,-
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ClearOS 5.2 ( Server Webconfig )

Tidak banyak berbeda dengan ClarkConnect, ClearOS mempertahankan kemudahan mengelola server dan untuk menjalankannya sama sekali tidak diperlukan keterampilan seorang SysAdmin. Untuk itu ClearOS menutup ke-"ribet"-an dan kompleksitas dari sistem Linux dengan GUI yang mudah dimengerti. Ia dapat dikelola pengguna yang mengerti soal jaringan secara umum, tanpa perlu mempelajari meknisme kerja dari kecanggihan teknologi Linux yang ada dibalik kap mesinnya.

Tanpa mencantumkan kata Linux, ClearOS jelas (clear) merupakan OS yang dibangun menggunakan Linux, tepatnya ia berbasis distribusi CentOS yang notabene adalah tiruan dari Red Hat Enterprise Linux ( RHEL) yang dibangun menggunakan basis distribusi komunitas Fedora. Versi ClearOS 5.1 menggunakan CentOS 5.4 yang berasal dari RHEL 5 update 4 sebagai basis.

ClearOS 5.2 ada 1 CD harga Rp. 10.000,-
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Opensuse 11.4

- berbasis kernel 2.6.37
- pendukung hardware yang lebih baik, dengan driver open Broadcom Wireless, termasuk dukungan Wacom, dan driver terupdate lainnya.
- mendukung grafik driver Xorg dan Mesa terbaru.
- Dukungan KDE Plasma Desktop 4.6, GNOME 2.32, Xfce 4.8 dan LXDE 0.5.
- Firefox 4.0 dengan dukungan HTML5, WebM dan CSS3.
- LibreOffice 3.3.1
- Scribus 1.4
- Software untuk virtualisasi (Xen 4.0.2, VirtualBox 4.0.4 dan KVM 0.14)
- Software untuk web server (Apache 2.2.17, lighttpd 1.4.26 dan ngninx 0.8.54)
- Software untuk database (PostgreSQL 9.0.3, MySQL 5.1.53 dan MariaDB 5.1)
- dan masih banyak program-program terupdate lainnya (sumber :

Opensuse 11.4 ada 1 DVD harga Rp. 15.000,-
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Repository Ubuntu 10.10

Repository Ubuntu 10.10 ada 8 DVD harga Rp. 80.000,-

Cara Install DVD Repository Ubuntu

Berikut tutorial cara install DVD repository ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx.
Cara installnya engga beda jauh sama install dvd repo di ubuntu 9.10 cuma perlu sedikit penambahan saja.
mari ikuti langkah berikut 

Langkah 1
Buat file .ISO dari ke-8 DVD Repository Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
caranya dengan mengCopy DVD repository lalu buat folder di /home dengan nama apa saja. sebagai contoh beri nama Repository, jadi nanti akan seperti berikut /home/namauser/repositori (perhatikan untuk huruf besar dan kecilnya)

Langkah 2
Salin semua file .ISO Repository ke folder.
Contoh : /home/rapi/repository/disk1
untuk DVD pertama beri nama disk1, DVD kedua beri nama disk2 lalu seterusnya sampai DVD yang kedelapan.
sehingga akan ada 8 folder di /home/user/repositori

Langkah 3
Kemudian buat folder di /mnt, sejumlah file .ISO repository
dengan cara buka aplikasi>aksesoris>terminal lalu masukkan perintah di bawah.

sudo mkdir /mnt/repo1
sudo mkdir /mnt/repo2
sudo mkdir /mnt/repo3
sudo mkdir /mnt/repo4
sudo mkdir /mnt/repo5
sudo mkdir /mnt/repo6
sudo mkdir /mnt/repo7
sudo mkdir /mnt/repo8

Langkah 4
Sekarang saatnya kita me-mount-ing secara otomatis semua file .ISO yang ada di folder /home/rapi/Repository ke /mnt.
Caranya, buka file /etc/fstab.
$ sudo gedit /etc/fstab
Dan tambahkan perintah di bawah ini :

view sourceprint?
/home/namauser/repository/disk1.iso /mnt/repo1 iso9660 loop,defaults 0 0
/home/namauser/repository/disk2.iso /mnt/repo2 iso9660 loop,defaults 0 0
/home/namauser/repository/disk3.iso /mnt/repo3 iso9660 loop,defaults 0 0
/home/namauser/repository/disk4.iso /mnt/repo4 iso9660 loop,defaults 0 0
/home/namauser/repository/disk5.iso /mnt/repo5 iso9660 loop,defaults 0 0
/home/namauser/repository/disk6.iso /mnt/repo6 iso9660 loop,defaults 0 0
/home/namauser/repository/disk7.iso /mnt/repo7 iso9660 loop,defaults 0 0
/home/namauser/repository/disk8.iso /mnt/repo8 iso9660 loop,defaults 0 0

Langkah 5
Simpan file tersebut, lalu restart komputer / laptop anda. Pastikan file .ISO ter-mounting otomatis ketika startup.Untuk melihatnya, apakah sudah ter-mounting.
caranya :Buka saja System Monitor, System → Administration → System Monitor>tab file system

Langkah 6
Untuk langkah terakhir yaitu, menambahkan perintah di bawah ini di file/etc/apt/sources.list
$ sudo gedit /etc/apt/source.list
Tambahkan perintah berikut :

#From File
deb file:/mnt/repo1/ lucid main
deb file:/mnt/repo2/ lucid main restricted multiverse
deb file:/mnt/repo3/ lucid multiverse universe
deb file:/mnt/repo4/ lucid universe
deb file:/mnt/repo5/ lucid universe
deb file:/mnt/repo6/ lucid universe
deb file:/mnt/repo7/ lucid universe
deb file:/mnt/repo8/ lucid universe

Langkah 7
Keluar dan simpan file tersebut. Lalu lakukan update source dengan cara:

$ sudo apt-get update
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OpenSuse 11.3

Apa saja yang baru

Apa aja yang baru di OpenSuse 11.3 :

  • Kernel 2.6.34
  • Alsa 1.0.23
  • GCC 4.5
  • KDE 4.4.3
  • GNOME 2.30
  • LXDE
  • Xfce 4.6.1
  • 3.2.0 (Novell Edition dari versi Go-OO)
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.6.4
  • Kernel Mode Setting (KMS) untuk Nvidia, ATI dan Intel yang aktif secara default
  • NouveauTreiber sebagai driver open source untuk graphic card Nvidia
  • Zypper package manager baik untuk install maupun upgrade online
  • Synaptic touchpad Konfiguratiostool
  • ImageWriter (digunakan untuk membuat Live USB stick)
  • Tersedia versi untuk Netbook menggunakan pengaturan desktop setting KDE maupun Gnome
  • iPhone/iPod touch Support
  • Secure backup and file sharing in the cloud dengan SpiderOAK
  • Support for the new Btrfs file system. APa itu Btrfs ? Btrfs is a new copy on write filesystem for Linux aimed at implementing advanced features while focusing on fault tolerance, repair and easy administration. Initially developed by Oracle, Btrfs is licensed under the GPL and open for contribution from anyone.
OpenSuse 11.3 ada 1 DVD harga Rp. 15.000,-
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CentOs 5.5

The CentOS team is pleased to announce the availability of CentOS 5.5. Major changes in CentOS 5.5 compared to CentOS 5.4 include: Update to version 3.1.1
Samba3x in version 3.3.8
PostgreSQL84 in version 8.4

The latter three aren't installed by default, but they can be used to upgrade from the still included older versions of these packages.

Other upgrades include newer version of the wireless drivers suite, including newer versions of the ath9k driver and the iwlwifi drivers. The GNU Debugger gdb, Valgrind and SystemTap also have been updated.

CentOs 5.5 ada 1 DVD harga Rp. 15.000

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Fedora 13

Automatic print driver install
Automatic language packs install
Package kit integration
NetworkManager improvements
Free and open source nouveau driver for NVidia video cards
Shotwell replaces Gthumb and F-Spot for photos
Pino social media client included
Deja Dup backup tool
Simple Scan
GNOME color manager
GNOME 2.30
Nautilus enhancements
Gnote enhancements
Rhythmbox support for iPod Touch and iPhone music
Abiword removed from default live image

Fedora 13 ada 1 DVD harga Rp. 15.000

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Repository Ubuntu 10.04 ( Lucid Lynx )

Ingin meng update paket-paket lainnya dari ubuntu, ini dia kumpulan paket dari ubuntu atau repository ubuntu telah tersedia di linuxkakilima, kamu bisa pesan secepatnya.

Repositroy Ubuntu 10.04 ( Lucid Lynx ) ada 8 dvd harga Rp. 80.000
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Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

Buat kamu pecandu ubuntu, pasti tidak akan melewatkan ubuntu versi baru ini, Ubuntu 10.04 dengan codename Lucid Lynx sudah tersedia.

Ubuntu 10.04 desktop ada 1 CD harga Rp. 5000
Ubuntu 10.04 desktop Versi DVD harga Rp. 15000

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Slackware 13

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Sabilly 9.10 ( Ubuntu Muslim Edition )

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Easy Hotspot

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Back Track 4.0 Final Release

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Perisai Anak

Perisai Anak ada 1 DVD Rp. 15.000,-
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Open Suse 11.2 Live CD Gnome

Review Here

OpenSuse 11.2 Live CD Gnome ada 1 CD Rp. 5.000
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CentOS 5.3

CentOS 5.3 x86_64 server for the installation Apache web server, Postfix mail server, MySQL, MyDNS nameserver, PureFTPd, SpamAssassin, ClamAV, and many more.

CentOS 5.3 ada 1 DVD Rp. 15.000
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Super OS ( Super Ubuntu 9.10 )

  • Patched with 169 updates released for Ubuntu 9.10
  • Better Multimedia Support: VLC, support for DVD-playback, MP3 support and for other formats, like QuickTime video, Real video, Windows Media Video, Flash Video, DivX, Xvid, (.mov, .wmv, .flv, .avi, etc...) etc...
  • Internet software: aMSN, Opera, Google Chrome, Skype, Firefox with Flash and Moonlight
  • Portable Applications available (RUNZ included)
  • Programs are easier to run: App Runner is included
  • Mount tar.gz/.zip/.rar/.iso files with File mounter
  • Other software: Java, Ubuntu Tweak, GParted (+ NTFS support)
  • System beep is disabled
  • Super OS now has it's own repository, in addition to the official Ubuntu repositories
  • Live USB creator (cd2usb) right from the DVD menu (see second image)
  • Most commonly used KDE and QT libraries included (for easier deployment of software and portable apps)

Super Ubuntu 9.10 ada 1 dvd Rp. 15.000

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Ubuntu Ultimate Games 2.4

* New theme / splash screen / wallpaper
* VCD Gear debian style
* Subversion & build tools
* Wireless Internet integration
* Bluetooth integration
* PPP integration
* Networking tools
* 35 Additional fonts
* Tons more themes
* Repository driven Beryl
* New sounds theme
* Integrated Custom repository support
* All current Updates 158 at time of posting
* IPod support
* Beagle
* Gramps - Genealogy software (thanks poweruser2600)
* Legends - Video Game
* Kapote - Instant Messenger
* Integrated Codecs (the good the bad & the ugly)
* Mplayer, VLC, Songbird & Amarok players with Mp3 support
* Mencoder, K9Copy, DeVeDE, DVD Shrink - dvd copying software.
* Integrated Nvidia drivers (will work with other cards)
* Automatix 2 & Automatix Bleeder (in case you want additional software)
* Gaim beta 5 & plugins
* GFTP - Ftp Client
* KVIrc - IRC Client
* Additional Themes, icons, cursors & logins
* XSnow
* Samba
* EasyTag - Mp3 Tag Editor
* GDesklets
* Inkscape - 2D vector drawing
* Screem - HTML Editor
* Gambas - Programing environment
* QEMU & Kqemu Accelerator - Emulation
* Screem - HTML Editor
* Avidemux - Avi (divx /xvid) editor
* GDesklets - Eyecandy & info
* NTFS read / write support
* Lamp - web server (Apache2, mysql, PHP5)
* phpmyadmin
* Azureus - P2P software
* MS core Font's and extra fonts
* Wine - W!nD@w$ emulation (always newest version - through repo)
* Alien - Allows installation of foriegn packages (RPM, suse etc)
* Gobby Team programing software

Ubuntu Ultimate Gamers 2.4 ada 1 dvd Rp.15.000
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